Our products are used in various applications. In over 60 years we have developed and provided a wide repertoire of solutions.

We love different fluids as well as exotic process technology and physical parameters. We aim not only to supply a pump, but to optimize your process. For this reason, for many applications we deliver optimized systems and turnkey solutions.

Here you will find background information on many applications and the products and systems used in there.

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Water treatment

Phosphate precipitation

Contact person Contact Products Industries Background What happens during a phosphate precipitation? A phosphate precipitation is a physico-chemical reaction in which salts of trivalent metals are...

Energy independent injection

Solar pump for onshore production

Contact person Contact Products Industries Background The collection points of a field are frequently at large distances from each other. They transport the product (such as crude oil or gas)...

Injection of demulsifiers

Injection of demulsifiers

Contact person Contact Products Industries Background A single substance cannot offer these combined properties, thus commercial demulsifier mixtures consist of several substances. The most widely...

Pharma Spray drying

Pharmaceutical spray drying

Contact person Contact Products Industries Solution Options: Material 1.4435 (AISI 316L) with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.5µm Inert and FDA compliant construction materials Ex-proof...

Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate scheme

Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

Contact person Contact Products Industries Background Important points for a proper layout: Design of the piping system Sizing of the piping system Filter data Pressure drop and mesh size...

Metering of caprolactame

Caprolactam metering

Contact person Contact Products Industries Background With its varied properties, it is an ideal initial material for a wide variety of products: Engineering plastics, such as tool parts and...

Production of polyurethane


Contact person Contact Industries Products Advantages of LEWA process diaphragm pumps Hermetically tight (important for isocyanates) High working pressures are possible Suspension capability...

Production of edible oil

Edible oil

Contact person Contact Products Industries Definitions: De-lecithinization A special form of degumming to extract lecithin. De-lecithinization is exclusively used for special types of oil, e.g.,...

BTL Biokraftstoffherstellung


Contact Person Products Contact Industries Production of biofuels with LEWA triplex diaphragm pumps in the remote-head design Solutions Background How are BtL fuels produced? BtL (biomass to...


Coal refinement with remote-head metering pumps in condensing systems

Contact Person Products Industries Contact Background How and why is coal refined? Coal refinement enables the production of various successor products from coal. Raw lignite cannot be used until it...


Pigging technology and pig cleaning

Contact Person Products Industries Contact LEWA packages for pigging technology and pig cleaning Background Pigging applications and service tasks in oil and gas industry “Pigging” is a process in...


Flue gas cleaning

Contact Person Products Industries Contact Gas purification by metering of sulfur with LEWA ecoflow packed plunger and diaphragm metering pumps When flue gas cleaning by metering sulfur, a suitable...


Production of gelatine

Contact Person Products Industries Contact Production of gelatine products with LEWA multiplex pumps and systems Both in the production of gelatin and in the fabrication of gelatin products, LEWA...


Filtration with diatomite

Contact Person Contact Industries Products Filtration with diatomite suspensions in the beverage industry  In the filtering process of beer, wine, fruit juices and other beverages, diaphragm...

Aufreinigung von Wasser

Processing of produced water

Contact Person Products Industries Contact Background What is produced water, and how does it come about? Water that is conveyed along with oil during oil production is called produced water. This...

Autarke Stromerzeugung mit LEWA

Autonomous energy utilities

Contact person Contact Products Industries Background LEWA solutions & services for projects in remote regions LEWA solutions are characterized by the exceptional know-how in the design of pumps,...

Modec System - biggest Chemical Injection Package

LEWA’s biggest Chemical Injection Package

Contact person Contact The LEWA giant Chemical Injection Package for offshore application on a FPSO. Pump manufacturer and system integrator LEWA designed and produced the biggest chemical...

Intellidrive metering system

Continuous metering of extremely small quantities with LEWA intellidrive

Contact Contact Industries Products Continuous micro-flow metering with LEWA intellidrive LEWA intellidrive for micro-metering tasks. Very small amounts down to 1 ml/h. For this application, LEWA...

CO2 cooling with LEWA pumps

Oil-free CO2 cooling with LEWA pumps

Contact Industries Products Contact Person Solution CERN relies on LEWA diaphragm pumps because the detector cooling circuit must not be contaminated with oil. Oil hardens under the influence of...

Odorization in gas distribution networks

Gas odorization in the natural gas distribution grid

Contact Person Products Industries Contact Application Maximum performance with LEWA odorizing systems. 1,000,000 standard cubic meters per hour. Network operators transport natural gas through...

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