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LEWA at ACHEMA 2018!

Experience technical innovations and new products for advanced applications in the process, pharmaceutical and food industries. Visit LEWA's booth to witness the live demonstration of LEWA SmartGlasses for maintenance. Allow our specialists to show you the Industry 4.0 features of LEWA EcoPrime at the current exhibit. Have a look at the insides of our pumps with our experts and receive a small gift as a thank-you for your time.


A world forum, platform for innovation and technological summit for the chemical and process industries. Exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt, June 11 to 15, 2018.

Visit us on Stand C 62 in Hall 8!


LEWA ecoflow® Process diaphragm pump LDZ

To provide even more flexible and cost-optimized solutions, we have made further developments to the tried-and-tested LEWA ecoflow modules and added the new LDZ gear size. Like the other sizes, the LDZ is designed to be robust and capable of unlimited continuous operation. 
At ACHEMA, you can use our augmented reality application to look into the pump and examine the technology that makes LEWA a technology leader for diaphragm metering pumps.

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LEWA EcoPrime® Twin column chromatography system

Learn about the LEWA EcoPrime twin column chromatography system. We have combined state-of-the-art technologies to form LEWA EcoPrime: LEWA pumps in a hygienic design work alongside the intellidrive technology o form the basis for one of the world's most advanced chromatography systems.

The system's twin column technology enables it to purify biopharmaceuticals continuously and with precision. The state-of-the-art control system serves as the basis for effective integration into a smart factory concept.

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LEWA SmartGlasses - Augmented Reality for maintenance

The LEWA SmartGlasses allow you to get in touch with a LEWA expert in a matter of minutes so that you can work together to come up with an initial diagnosis in case of a fault. This enables you to correct minor faults on your own with expert assistance. You benefit by minimizing downtimes and cutting down on preventable on-site services. What this ultimately means for you is more revenue and fewer costs. 

At ACHEMA, we're demonstrating the concept for you live. You can test the smart glasses yourself at our booth and see for yourself the wide range of advantages that the augmented reality solution has to offer.

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NIKKISO Canned Motor Pump (DIN EN ISO 2858)

The NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump is specifically used in the chemical industry for transfer and circulation tasks, particularly for supercritical fluids. The pump meets the specification of the API-685 standard.

The chemical industry is in need of standardized and interchangeable pumps. NIKKISO is reacting to this need by adding pumps to its product range that comply with DIN EN ISO 2858. This new series enables existing standard pumps to be interchanged in order to increase system security and reliability without modifying the isometry of existing piping.

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LEWA ecosmart® diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecosmart is an innovative and compact diaphragm metering pump. It is capable of handling almost any fluid and provides maximum metering accuracy. We are using our trade fair exhibit to show you the technological and economical advantages of our products over others.

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Pomac rotary lobe pump

The flexible pump for hygienic standard applications up to complex sterile applications with thin fluid, viscous and/or shear-sensitive media. Visit our trade fair booth to learn about the various application options.

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Wilden Saniflo

Wilden's hygienic and biopharmaceutical air-double-diaphragm-pumps convey fluids at various viscosities, with or without solid materials and while ensuring hygienic standards. Saniflo pumps are CIP capable and meet all requirements for hygienic pumps.

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Expertise in Process Engineering

Application Consulting

"Creating Fluid Solutions" -  that is our mission.

It means that we are here to provide solutions and not just products. LEWA boasts over 60 years of experience in planning, design, manufacturing and commissioning of pumps and systems in various industries. Whether it is the chemical industry, energy utilities, food products or pharmaceuticals. We understand your processes and are happy to support you. Get in touch with our application experts.

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Industrie 4.0 and Smart Factory Enablement

LEWA makes your production smart!

Innovative solutions such as the LEWA EcoPrime allow you to network upstream and downstream production stages. The systems communicate with each other over interfaces and exchange production data. The dynamic system control supplies data for modeling. This way, EcoPrime "learns" to respond to the upstream and downstream production stages.

By offering LEWA SmartGlasses LEWA provides an augmented reality solution for maintenance that makes it possible to minimize response times and maximize savings. You use a pair of smart glasses to contact the LEWA Service Center, at which point you will be put in touch with an expert straight away who will walk you through all diagnostics, inspection and maintenance operations. The bi-directional communication path allows image and sound data to be exchanged as well as videos and documents.

Lecture: Continuous production of therapeutically effective proteins using low-pressure chromatography (Thursday 2018-06-14 10:00-12:00)

Integrating continuous chromatography processes into smart factory concepts.

Dr. Thomas Müller-Späth (Chromacon AG) is demonstrating the latest advancements in continuous chromatography on a laboratory scale and in development. Dr. Michael Sokolov (DataHow AG) is providing insight into Industry 4.0 features such as data analysis and machine learning. Joachim Regel (LEWA GmbH) is presenting the family of the LEWA EcoPrime Twin chromatography systems.

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