Pomac centrifugal pump

Pomac centrifugal pump

The stainless-steel Pomac centrifugal pumps for low-viscosity media excel on account of their optimum hydraulic data, a unique modular design and the numerous options available in the area of shaft seals.

The pump design meets the EHEDG criteria, in other words, the pumps comply fully with the stringent hygiene standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industry. The pumps are available as a self-priming as well as in a non self-priming version. 

  • Flow rate max.: 320 m³/h
  • Max. discharge pressure: 16 bar


Technology: Hygienic stainless-steel centrifugal pump

  • Type CP: The hygienic centrifugal pump

This pump type is used for pumping fluids with a viscosity of up to 500 cP, whereby a constant initial pressure or vacuum is applied to the suction side. The maximum delivery rate is 300 m³/h at a manometric pump lift of 13 bar. Depending on the product to be conveyed the pumps are available with closed impellers, semi-exposed impellers or exposed impellers.

  • Series ZA: The self-priming centrifugal pump

These self-priming pumps operate according to the water-ring principle and can therefore pump air-fluid mixtures. The maximum delivery rate is 60 m³/h at a manometric pump lift of 5 bar.

  • CP/ZA: The economical centrifugal pump

This pump model serves to expand the CP product range. The CP/ ZA pump is differentiated through its self-priming, where it is particularly well-suited to pumping air-fluid mixtures. The use of an exposed impeller enables the air portion to be pumped optimally. The maximum delivery rate is 200 m³/h at a manometric head of 9 bar.

  • Series CPC: The robust centrifugal pump

This type of pump is of a solid cast construction, characterized by its robust and sturdy design. The solid construction allows for very narrow gaps, and thus a very high efficiency. The use of open impellers, it is designed specifically for pharmaceutical and food applications. Even larger temperature fluctuations (CIP / SIP) can't cause wear on the robust construction.


  • Available in various designs (see Options tab)
  • Available in six different types of construction
  • Wide range of connections
  • Choice of 11 different shaft seals, etc. shaft seal according to DIN 24960


  • Standard version with tangential outlet, suited for system pressures up to 16 bar
  • High-pressure version for system pressures up to 50 bar
  • Special version with in-line terminals for direct assembly between the lines
  • Dairy whey pump (WW), specially developed for pumping soft and sensitive products such as dairy whey

Technical Data

Performance data and characteristic curve series CP/ZA

Performance diagram Pomac ZA Pump

Performance data and characteristic curve series ZA

Performance Pomac pump ZA

Performance data and characteristic curve series CPC

Performance diagram Pomac CPC Pump



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Pomac pumps - Rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps for hygienic processes.(EN)

Pomac rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps are used worldwide in the food industry, in the production of beverages, and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
3 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019

Pomac Pumpen - Drehkolben- und Kreiselpumpen für hygienische Prozesse. (DE)

Pomac Drehkolben- und Kreiselpumpen finden Anwendung in der Nahrungsmittelindustrie, bei der Getränkeherstellung sowie in der pharmazeutischen oder chemischen Industrie.
3 MB | pdf | 14.10.2019

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