Orange showroom – augmented reality app displays 3D pump models.

Illustrating processes in an understandable way, explaining them and experiencing them up close: LEWA has succeeded in doing this with the new AR app orange showroom. It allows 3D pump models to be demonstrated on any iOS tablet. In this way, various exhibits can be presented regardless of location and time.

The app runs on all Apple iPads with iOS 12.0 or later, the app is not available on the iPhone.

The perfect view

With the augmented reality app orange showroom, LEWA has created a look of the special kind – the 3D interior view of different pumps.

The virtual display allows an optimal visualization of the way it works. Using Ground Plane Detection, the floor of the respective room is captured via the tablet's camera and the model is placed on the screen inside the room. Thus it is possible to look at the pump from all directions and angles.

In addition, the 3D representation can demonstrate the complex interior structure. The model is also freely scalable so that the size of the pump can be adjusted to the respective space conditions. On the app, you can also animate the way the pumps work and the behavior in exceptional situations.

Preview of LEWA orange Showroom

From exhibition use to everyday use

Originally, the app was developed to visualize the inner workings of LEWA pumps at trade fairs. After the great interest from customers, LEWA decided to offer the models even without a static exhibit.

The AR app is available for free download at the Apple App Store under the name orange showroom. In this first version the model of the LEWA ecoflow diaphragm process pump is available for virtual view.

LEWA plans to gradually integrate other pump types into the application. The virtual exhibit can not only find its use in training courses or at trade fairs. Use cases in the service and maintenance segment are also conceivable.

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