LEWA Pumps and Metering Packages for Efficient Gas Odorization Processes

Ensuring safety, LEWA offers state-of-the-art gas odorization systems, a crucial step in rendering odorless gases like natural gas, oxygen, and nitrogen detectable. Odorization, the process of adding a distinct scent to these gases, is critical for detecting leaks and preventing hazards. LEWA's precision-engineered systems stand out in Europe as the leading solution for adding odorants to natural gas, biogas, and liquefied gas effectively.

Depend on LEWA's expertise as Europe's top provider for gas odorization, delivering turnkey solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our plug-and-play odorizing units are designed for exacting requirements, ensuring meticulous control and consistent performance in gas safety applications.

40 Years of Proven Expertise in Gas Odorization

Premium Pumps and Metering Packages

Worldwide, customers rely on LEWA’s 40-plus years of specialization in gas odorization systems. We offer a diverse range of solutions, from precision micro-metering to comprehensive gas pressure regulation technologies.

LEWA’s systems are trusted for odorizing LPG and CNG across transportation networks, as well as at gas and filling stations. A significant application of our technology is in the preparation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at import/export terminals, ensuring safety before distribution. Additionally, our systems are integral for adding odorants to oxygen and other technical gases.

Tailored to your unique requirements, LEWA designs and assembles systems incorporating our advanced pumps, accurate flow meters, and sophisticated control systems (closed-loop control). Our approach to gas odorization is meticulous, with systems engineered to administer odorants in proportion to gas flow, ensuring precision in the injection process.


Odorizing system

Application Spectrum for Gas Odorization: LEWA Pumps and Metering Packages

LEWA's advanced odorizing systems are versatile enough to infuse a variety of odorants into multiple gases, including natural gas from 1 to 300 bar, biogas within the same pressure range, as well as LPG, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, LNG, and even unconventional gases. Our robust pumps and precision metering packages ensure that no matter the gas, the odorization process is efficient and reliable

Areas of application for adding odorOdorantsCustomers
Natural gas in gas pressure regulation systems, transfer station (ÜRA)/City Gates, natural gas storageTHT, TBM,
Gasodor S-Free
Public utility companies, trans-regional power suppliers, plant construction companies
LPG loading: Tank car, 
trucks, ships
EMRefineries, oil and gas companies
Biogas plantsTHT, TBM,
Gasodor S-Free
Public utility companies, trans-regional power suppliers, plant construction companies
LNG Regasification 
(onshore, offshore)
Gasodor S-Free
EPCs, plant construction companies, ship suppliers
Natural gas
/vehicle gas filling stations
Gasodor S-Free
Public utility companies, municipalities, energy utilities
Gas bottle filling 
(propane, butane)
EMGas bottle fillers
O2 odorization for
oxygen distribution networks
Fire extinguishing systems (N2, CO2)THT, TBM,
Gasodor S-Free
General industry
Industrial bulk buyers of non-odorized gasesTHT, TBM,
Gasodor S-Free

Aluminum plants, glass factories, steel works, blast furnaces

Discover the Benefits: LEWA Pumps and Metering Packages for Gas Odorization

Modular design

You are free to choose: Standard odorizing systems are designed to be highly modular and consist of various components which enables us to meet your requirements in a manner that is as flexible as possible.

Customized units

Whatever your requirements are, we will find a solution: LEWA builds a complete customized system with standard modules or special components for you.

Microflow metering pumps

High metering accuracy: With our proven micro metering pumps (M and FC series), we guarantee accurate and reliable metering of the odorant.

Field-proven control and regulation systems

For smooth operation: Our systems have field-proven controls for hazardous areas. Connection to the Net-Port@l is possible.

Global commissioning

With our global service network, we take your equipment into operation and provide technical service directly at your location - both onshore and offshore.

Flexible design

You can rely on over 60 years of experience in the design of pumps, systems and units: During the project phase, we respond flexibly to design changes or adjustments required.

Maintenance and service

No matter if maintenance, spare parts or repair - our service technicians are well trained and available worldwide. Thus, we guarantee fast response and smooth operations.

Suitable for all odorants

LEWA odorizing systems are suitable for all common odorants in the industry: EM, DMS, TBM, THT. Simply let us know your personal requirements.

International standards

LEWA pumps, systems and units are compliant with major international standards such as DVGW G280, WHG, PED, ISO 9001, ASME, ATEX and TA-Luft. Of course, you can also define your own standards.

Showcase: LEWA Pumps and Metering Packages in Gas Odorization Use Cases

Odorizing systems for the distribution of gas in hubs

Gas odorization in the natural gas distribution grid

At hubs in the gas distribution network, big amounts of natural gas are forwarded. LEWA odorization unit OD 4200 is able to odorize gas amounts of up to 1.000.000 m³/h.

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Biogas odorization

The biogas odorizing systems from LEWA ensure a correct metering even with gas flow range of 150 Nm³/h with a gas pressure of up to 20 bar. Get in touch with our experts for your individual odorizing task!

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Further Applications

Gas odorization with LEWA pumps and metering packages can be found also in many more applications:

  • Micro-metering
  • Odorization of LPG in the transport chain, in gas stations, and filling stations
  • Odorization of LNG in import/export terminals before distribution
  • Odorization of CNG at gas stations
  • Odorization of oxygen and technical gases
Odorizing system


LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump all around talent

LEWA ecoflow®: The Leading Diaphragm Metering Pump for Precision Fluid Management

LEWA ecoflow: The Innovative Universal Metering Pump with DPS Diaphragm Protection. Trusted across all industries, this modular system pump excels in a wide range of applications. Experience unparalleled versatility and reliability with our ecoflow, the ultimate choice in metering pump technology.

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LEWA ecoflow packed plunger pump

LEWA ecoflow®: Your Solution for Advanced Packed Plunger Metering Pumps

Opt for the LEWA ecoflow packed plunger metering pump, a robust and reliable choice for hassle-free fluid metering. Available in multiple models to suit diverse processes, it's the metering pump trusted by industry leaders for consistent performance.

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LEWA micrometering pumps

LEWA MAH, MBH, MLM Series: Precision Micro-Metering Pumps for Exact Dispensing

Discover our metering pumps designed for ultra-low flow rates, offering an exceptionally cost-effective solution for proportional metering of fluid components to variable reference values. Ideal for precision applications.

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LEWA FC laboratory pumps

LEWA FC: High-Precision Laboratory Metering Pumps for Advanced Research Applications

Explore our precision metering pumps designed for micro-flow rates. The FC series, capable of handling pressures up to 400 bar, is tailor-made for laboratory and test center applications, offering unparalleled accuracy for small-scale fluid management.

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LEWA odorizing systems

LEWA Odorizing Systems

LEWA has been building odorizing systems for gases such as natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide for more than 40 years. LEWA odorizing systems meter the odorant in question reliably, proportionally, and economically.

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LEWA production units

Customer-Specific Metering, Mixing or Filling Systems from LEWA

Customer-specific batch/continuous systems for your production process. Metering, mixing, filling, separating, controlling temperature: We work with you to develop the ideal process-related sequence and produce the system that fits your production process – right up to the end product.

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LEWA customer specific metering systems

Customer-Specific Metering Systems from LEWA

Turnkey metering system in closed loop control with monitoring and plausibility testing equipment. Your individually configured metering system with an optimally designed pump for fluid metering in automated processes.

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