LEWA ecofoam metering system

LEWA ecofoam®
Blowing Agent Metering System

LEWA ecofoam is a redundantly designed, completely leak-proof system that meters different blowing agents used for foaming in the manufacturing processes of various types of plastics, including PE or PUR foam.

The ecofoam metering system operates with a flow rate of 0.05 kg/h to 250 kg/h and a discharge pressure between 50 bar and 500 bar.

LEWA ecofoam®

Foam plastics with precision and safety.

When producing plastics, numerous manufacturers rely on the ecofoam system from LEWA for the precise and fast metering of blowing agents in the extruder.

The metered flow of the blowing agent is regulated according to the extruder output. The system – which features an integrated flow measurement system and a control unit – is tested and available as a turnkey system with multiple output ratings. LEWA ecofoam relies on tried-and-tested LEWA diaphragm pump technology.

This means that precise, reliable, and low-maintenance operation is guaranteed for the non-lubricating blowing agent, even at a high vapor pressure level.

LEWA ecofoam metering system

Good reasons to choose a LEWA ecofoam® metering system

The LEWA ecofoam metering system is a complete blowing agent system based on our tried-and-tested diaphragm pump technology.

Testing system LEWA ecofoam for the use in pilot plants

Leasable pilot plant for process optimization

We are happy to provide you with a pilot plant for process optimization. The LEWA ecofoam pilot plant has been designed for all common blowing agents, including a cooling device for CO₂ and an explosion-proof design for combustible blowing agents. You will be happy with the quality of the ecofoam pilot plant and the uniformly accurate metering of various blowing agents. The plant can be leased for up to six weeks for a low flat fee, or longer following consultation.

Metering system for the metering of blowing agents in the plastics industry

Precise metering of the blowing agent

Precise, rapid control of the metered flow when changes are made to the extruder output or the extruder pressure ensures that the end product is always of top quality. This is achieved by a control system developed by LEWA, which continuously monitors the plausibility of set values and actual values. The control system, metering pump, and Coriolis flow meter are all adapted to the specific application.

Metering of various blowing agents with LEWA pumps

Use of various blowing agents

LEWA ecofoam meters all known blowing agents – from halogenated hydrocarbons (Freon 11, 12, etc.), butane, pentane, and propane through to CO2. We have also delivered pilot systems with water injection technology to customers. You can rely on our decades of experience in various blowing agents. Not only that, but we can even provide further assistance during conversion to CO2.

Pumps and systems developed with over 60 year experience

Complete project management from a single source

We work with you during the project stage to clarify all the key process parameters, such as suction pressure, any cooling that may be required, pressurization, and so on. LEWA ecofoam is delivered as a turnkey system and comes completely assembled – including piping and wiring – on a base frame, ready for operation.

Special features for CO2 applications

For CO2 applications, we provide suction-side heat exchangers in the pipeline for cooling the CO2 upstream of the pump inlet and a cooling jacket on each pump head. We also provide a flow cooler for cooling the cooling medium, including the cooling circuit.

Tried-and-tested LEWA diaphragm technology

It goes without saying that our ecofoam system relies on our tried-and-tested LEWA diaphragm technology that features maximum efficiency, complete sealing, integrated protection, and monitoring.

Accessories for efficient use

We supply ecofoam metering systems with a wide range of additional components: a suction-side strainer, two contact pressure gauges for monitoring pressure in the suction-side and discharge-side pipeline, and a type-tested and function-tested safety valve for protecting the metering system against overpressure.


Made from special materials

Individual design: We offer piping, accessories and pump heads made from special materials for your LEWA ecofoam metering system.

Additional metering

You also want to add color or fire retardant in the low-pressure section of the extruder? No problem - you can rely on our expertise.

Special features for CO2 applications

For CO2 applications, we provide suction-side heat exchangers in the pipeline as well as a cooling jackets for each pump head and special run coolers.

Design according to current regulations

We design your ecofoam metering system for operation in hazardous zones, also according to BS & NEC or other regulations.

Examination by experts and authorities

We also gladly provide performance diagrams and certificates of static pressure tests also by TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s R. of S. or other authorities.

Pilot plant for process optimization

You can rely on over 60 years of experience in the design of equipment and systems: In cooperation with you, we develop pilot plants to optimize your processes and procedures.

Testing, acceptance and inspection

We make sure that everything works: LEWA offers numerous services, including factory acceptance test (FAT) at the manufacturing site or at your site (SAT), NDT and PMI.

Maintenance and service

No matter if maintenance, spare parts or repair - our service technicians are well trained and available worldwide. Thus, we guarantee fast response and smooth operations.

Complete documentation

Receive supporting documents and certificates, including the operating instructions, as well as design and test details in different languages.

Technical data

Thanks to the tried-and-tested module system of our diaphragm metering pumps, we are able to customize the ecofoam metering system to meet your individual requirements.

Performance data

Discharge pressure, min. [bar]Discharge pressure, max. [bar]Flow rate, min. [kg/h]Flow rate, max. [kg/h]Operation, min. [°C]Operation, max. [°C]Viscosity [mPa∙s]
505000.05250-40+40< 1 (liquid gases)

Installation dimensions*

L [mm]W [mm]H [mm]

*Installation dimensions are approximate and may vary


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LEWA ecofoam - das Dosiersystem für Treibmittel bei Extrusionsprozessen

LEWA ecofoam ist ein System für die Dosierung von Treibmitteln wie z.B. Butan, CO₂, halogenierter Kohlenwasserstoff, Pentan und Propan in die Kunststoffschmelze eines Extrusionsprozesses.
263 KB | pdf | 18.02.2022


LEWA ecofoam - the metering system for blowing agents in extrusion processes. (EN)

LEWA ecofoam is a system for the metering of blowing agents, e.g. butane, CO₂, halogenated hydrocarbons, pentane and propane into the plastic melt of an extrusion process.
260 KB | pdf | 18.02.2022


LEWA ecofoam Testanlage Das Dosiersystem für Treibmittel bei Extrusionsprozessen. (DE)

Die LEWA Testanlage wurde für alle bekannten Treibmittel konzipiert, inkl. einer Kühleinrichtung für CO₂ und einer explosionsgeschützten Ausführung für brennbare Treibmittel.
333 KB | pdf | 25.05.2022


LEWA ecofoam® testing system - the metering system for blowing agents in extrusion processes. (USA)

LEWA ecofoam testing system has been designed for all known blowing agents, incl. cooling device for CO₂ and explosion-proof design for combustible blowing agents.
321 KB | pdf | 18.02.2022


LEWA ecofoam testing system - the metering system for blowing agents in extrusion processes. (EN)

LEWA ecofoam testing system has been designed for all known blowing agents, incl. cooling device for CO₂ and explosion-proof design for combustible blowing agents.
331 KB | pdf | 25.05.2022


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