Energy-independent chemical injection with solar pumps and LEWA packages

In the onshore production of oil or gas, for example, in the Middle East or in South America, exploration locations are widely scattered around a collection point and convey relatively small quantities.

Air-driven injection pumps are often used, which are operated with acid gas and no longer function after several weeks of operation.

Solar-powered LEWA packages, on the other hand, enable low-maintenance and thus continuous processing of the raw materials in these regions.


Benefits of LEWA diaphragm pumps and packages as solar pumps:

  • Energy-self-sufficient thanks to an ample number of storage batteries
  • Optimization of the injection system with respect to special requirements
  • The systems can be monitored remotely by installing a simple flow monitor
  • Low-maintenance: Tried-and-tested continuous operation periods of over 5 years, no need for frequent trips to far-away drill sites


The collection points of a field are frequently at large distances from each other. They transport the product (such as crude oil or gas) through lines joined piece-by-piece for processing or from inland to the coast for transport via ship.

Use of corrosion inhibitors with solar pumps:

The small volumes found there are not worth the high costs. Thus, simple steel lines are used for transport, which require the injection of corrosion inhibitors.

Need for metering other chemicals at older production sites:

In addition, profits from oil or gas from older production sites decrease over time. In contrast, the volume of additives required for effective production increases.


Complete systems from LEWA for offhore applications in the Oil-and Gas Industry
Oil- and Gas Industry

Pumps and Packages for the Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas

LEWA has been your expert in pumps and packages since the 1950s. With us, you get everything from a single source: Our custom-built packages are used all around the world for offshore crude oil and natural gas production. From China to the United Arab Emirates, strong partners rely on our expertise for crude oil exploration applications.

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LEWA ecoflow process pump

LEWA ecoflow®: The Leading Process Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

The innovative ecoflow diaphragm process pump excels in high-pressure applications across industries including oil and gas, refinery, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and food and beverage production.

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Chemical injection package

LEWA Chemical Injection Packages

Developed and manufactured by the leading pump manufacturer. Customer-specific packages for chemical injection in the oil and gas industry.

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