Production of melamine with LEWA diaphragm pumps

Melamine is obtained by the trimerization of urea. The urea is converted into melamine, ammonia and carbon dioxide (offgas) either in a catalytic low pressure process or in a non-catalytic high pressure process.

LEWA can reliably operate pumps for melamine processes in many applications with high temperatures and simultaneous high pressure using PTFE diaphragm pumps, e.g., at 155°C and about 230 bar.

Thus urea as an industrial raw material can be conveyed as a melt with the appropriate pump heads.


LEWA metering and process diaphragm pumps meet the specific demands for urea conveying.

The important advantages are:

  • Melt conveying possible up to 155°C with PTFE diaphragm
  • Different drive sizes, even for high volume flows
  • Pressures up to 230 bar
  • Controlled diaphragm positioning to prevent unfavorable conditions
  • Strength and reliability due to LEWA technology suitable to the application

In order to keep the urea melt liquid (solidifying below 135°C), the appropriate devices, pipelines and pumps are temperature controlled.

LEWA's completely jacketed diaphragm pump head is especially suitable for this application. Both the pump head cover and the process valves are jacketed in this manner, so that the operating temperature is maintained within a specified range.

Areas of application

  • Wood processing industry
    lamination of particle board, fiberboard, and laminated panels


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