Production of creams

High purity and accurate metering with the aim to get always the same product quality–this represents cosmetics. These individual applications mostly require custom metering solutions. For example, several pump heads can be used to meter products such as perfume, water, fat phases or glycerin to the exact recipe. A skin cream consists of various components. LEWA pumps make it possible to precisely mix and meter the individual constituents in the cream manufacturing process.


The following advantages are offered by LEWA metering diaphragm pumps:

  • Hermetically tight: No foreign substances or germs penetrate nor valuable substances escape, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene, thus product recalls are prevented
  • Fulfills high pressure requirements: Precise metering and mixture for quality assurance is ensured
  • Fulfillment of GMP requirements in the cosmetics sector:
    • No use of alcohols and preservatives require a high hygienic status of the pump
    • Compositions according to new trends: sensitive natural products are gently metered
    • Can be used for a wide variety of cosmetics (shaving creams, shower creams, etc.
  • Flexibly adjustable: The flow rate can be adjusted by means of a manual stroke adjustment for different recipes
  • CIP and SIP possible
  • Recipe constancy and reliability
  • Use of FDA-compliant material
  • Heated pump heads: Better control of viscosity e.g. the fat phase
  • Allergenic gaskets
ecoflow sanitary hygienic pump


Finely dosed

In the production of skin creams, various ingredients such as paraffins, hydrocarbons, vegetable fats and oils, and animal waxes are utilized. In order to stabilize the emulsion-like cream structures, emulsifiers are used. Some creams with a high water content need to be preserved for durability. The LEWA diaphragm pumps and systems meter and mix water, alcohols, perfumes, glycerin and other substances necessary for the production of skin cream.


Pumps specially designed for the Cosmetics Industry
Cosmetics and personal care industry

Pumps and Systems for the Production of Personal Care Products

Processes with strict quality and hygiene requirements, such as GMP or the need to avoid preservatives, require the right equipment. We support you in the selection and the design of hygienic components and systems for producing personal care products. Contact our experts and let us advise you – we will work with you to develop customized metering solutions for your process, such as for manufacturing personal care products.

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LEWA pumps and systems meet the requirements of the Pharmaceuticals industry
Pharma and Biotech Industry

Pumps and Systems for the Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industries

As the leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries, LEWA supports you during the development of complete solutions, which meet your process requirements exactly. Special expertise is required in the production of pharmaceuticals in order to ensure that legal requirements are met. Reliability when it comes to production, documentation, and validation are our top priorities.

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LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump all around talent

LEWA ecoflow® diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecoflow is the innovative and universal metering pump with DPS diaphragm protection system in a tried-and-tested modular system. Suitable for numerous applications, the ecoflow is our real all-around talent, relied on by customers from all industries.

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ecoflow sanitary hygienic pump

LEWA ecoflow® sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecoflow is also available in sanitary/hygienic. The metering pump for hygienic applications has the same all-around capabilities and fulfills all specifications for pharmaceutical and food production.

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LEWA ecoflow process pump

LEWA ecoflow® process pumps for high-pressure applications

The innovative ecoflow diaphragm process pump shows its strengths in high-pressure applications in the oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical industries as well as in the sensitive areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage production.

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LEWA triplex process pump

LEWA triplex® process pumps for high-pressure processes

The LEWA triplex process diaphragm pump is among the world's most compact high-pressure pumps and can even be set up in the tightest spaces when space is at a premium. The power package has proven its strength in numerous high-pressure processes in a variety of industries. Oil and Gas icon Gas odor icon gray Refinery icon Petrochemicals icon Chemicals icon Plastics icon gray Cleaning icon Cosmetics icon Pharma icon Food icon Energy icon Other icon

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Pomac rotary lobe pump

Pomac rotary lobe pump

The flexible and economical positive-displacement pump for hygienic standard applications all the way to complex sterile applications with low-viscosity, viscous and/or shear-sensitive media.

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LEWA customer specific metering systems

Customer-Specific Metering Systems from LEWA

Turnkey metering system in closed loop control with monitoring and plausibility testing equipment. Your individually configured metering system with an optimally designed pump for fluid metering in automated processes.

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