Pumps and Systems for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology Industries

As the leading manufacturer of pumps and systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries, LEWA collaborates with you to develop complete, tailored solutions that perfectly align with your specific process requirements.

We partner with you to plan and execute all critical process-related operations—including conveying, metering, mixing, heating, and cooling—ensuring your raw products are processed efficiently and cost-effectively

Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology

Hygienic Mixing, Metering, and Dilution with LEWA Solutions

Producing pharmaceuticals requires special expertise to comply with stringent legal and regulatory standards. At LEWA, reliability in production, documentation, and validation are paramount. You can trust in our proven pumps, pump packages, and complete systems, extensively used across the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries. Our experts are dedicated to helping you find optimal, customized solutions for your metering, purification, mixing, and filtration processes.

LEWA hygienic metering pumps, including the LEWA ecodos and LEWA ecoflow, meet all aseptic requirements necessary for manufacturing products with low bioburden or even in sterile conditions, making them the top choice in these critical applications.

Metering system for pharmaceuticals metering

Picture: Buffer inline dilution by means of LEWA hygienic metering pumps or as complete process skid are only one of many solution examples in the pharma and biotech industry.

Inline Dilution, Mixing, Dosing and Other Processes in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Biotech Industries

Our LEWA systems feature specialized in-house engineering and meet all critical industry standards, including inline dilution and dosing requirements (cGMP, GAMP, 21 CFR, etc.). We provide comprehensive services such as complete documentation, acceptance tests, validation/qualification, installation, and commissioning.

LEWA system solutions are integral in various applications across the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology markets. These include the precise metering of liquids, production of dispersions, high-pressure homogenization processes, and various mixing tasks. Our systems also excel in the dilution of buffers, handling of products or concentrates, and support diverse downstream processing (DSP) unit operations, demanding precise volume flows and strict adherence to specific process conditions.

Product applicationsTaskProcess/System
Areas of application for our products and solutions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industriesProportionally mixing sensitive, expensive fluids on a continuous basisMetering additives for tablet production; tablet coatings, preservatives
Precisely adding fluids during the chromatography processDosing fluids into the purification process, diluting buffers and concentrates
Metering sensitive fluidsAdding enzymes, vitamins, flavorings, and additives for fermentation
Aseptically transferring proteins and cellsAdding micro-organisms to fermentations, transferring blood or blood components, transferring products in filling processes
Adding additivesAdditives, toxic chemicals
Injecting fluids for extrusion or spraying mechanismsProducing active ingredients and tablets, adding stabilizers
Microfiltration and ultrafiltration, dialysis systemsFiltering process solutions, carefully concentrating intermediate products (biopharmaceuticals), concentrating and purifying protein solutions, separating cells and particles
High-pressure and supercritical applicationsDispersing 2 phases, supercritical processes with CO2, generating nanoparticles
LEWA system for pharma applications food

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Biotech Industries

The biopharmaceutical, fine chemical, veterinary medicine, and special food supplement industries all require systems that are easy to clean and drain, and that are manufactured and documented according to the applicable guidelines. LEWA has the expertise to design and construct customer-specific systems for these industries.

Our scope of supply for these sectors ranges from simple metering systems for metering additives, dosing modules in process chromatography units and buffer dilution systems, right through to complex systems for the proportional mixing or conveyance of various media.

Metering system for pharmaceuticals metering

Process-Integrated Pump Systems for Filtration and Other Processes

We also use the LEWA intellidrive technology to solve difficult metering and conveying tasks:

  • Applications that allow a minimum of pulsation such as sensitive chromatography media or fluids during filtration processes
  • Highly viscous fluids such as syrup or gel
  • Highly precise metering during filling jobs
  • Hermetically sealed for hygienic and sterile processes
  • Mixing of two fluids in one pump head such as gradient formulation in chromatography processes
  • At varying flow rates and at inhomogeneous qualities, changing pressures, or temperatures
Metering system for pharmaceuticals metering

Metering Pumps in Hygienic Design

LEWA hygienic metering pumps (LEWA ecodos and LEWA ecoflow) are hermetically sealed, leak-free, and have no connection, such as a shaft, to the product space. This ensures contamination-free metering and conveying over a long process time frame.

Hygienic pumps can also be used as multiplex pumps (e.g., for metering formulas). This means that several pump drive units can be assembled on one drive shaft. The individual pumps then convey varying quantities into the process. To increase the safety of your aseptic and sterile production processes, LEWA hygienic pumps are tested for their cleanability according to recognized, internationally valid guidelines (EHEDG cleanability test and QHD test system).

Advantages of the LEWA Pumps and Metering Packages for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology Industries

High end pumps, equipment and systems

We deliver high-end pumps integrated into complete systems and units for your specific applications. In doing so, we of course rely on the tried-and-tested LEWA quality.

Economic solutions

We always deliver economic pumps, systems and units with minimized energy consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance and a long lifetime.

Tried and tested modular system

We design our systems and units in modular design with numerous engine and pump head combinations for different applications.

Special materials

On request, we can build systems with special materials such as Hastelloy, titanium, duplex stainless steel or further materials. If you are interested, please contact our product manager.

Patented sandwich diaphragm

Our patented diaphragm metering pumps use metal or PTFE sandwich diaphragms with Diaphragm Protection System (DPS) for maximum operational safety.

Sanitary & hygienic design

Highly polished surfaces and a minimal dead space construction are the basis for a system design that meets all the industry's hygienic standards.

Easy to clean

An especially important advantage for pharmaceutical and food industry is that our systems can be quickly and easily cleaned with cleaning chemicals or hot steam.

International standards

LEWA pumps, systems and units are compliant with major international standards such as DVGW G280, WHG, PED, ISO 9001, ASME, ATEX and TA-Luft. Of course, you can also define your own standards.

Maintenance and service

No matter if maintenance, spare parts or repair - our service technicians are well trained and available worldwide. Thus, we guarantee fast response and smooth operations.


Process chromatography

Downstream processing

LEWA systems and gradient mixers are used in downstream processing of chemicals and biotechnology. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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Caustic dilution

Caustic soda production

At LEWA, find out about custom plants for producing and diluting different bases like caustic soda. Ask our experts for more information.

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Waste water oxidation

Wet oxidation of waste water

For wet oxidation and other processes, we recommend our tried-and-tested LEWA diaphragm pumps. Ask our experts for more information!

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Metering of Supercritical fluids for example in the coffee production

Extraction with supercritical fluids

Processes with supercritical fluids in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Ask our experts for more information! 

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Production of pills in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Pharmaceuticals production

Metering pumps and metering systems must meet the following demands of pharmaceutical production.

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Chemical injection in the Oil and Gas Industry

Chemical metering in high-pressure cleaning systems

LEWA metering and process diaphragm pumps meet the specific demands for the production of melamine (trimerization of urea). Consult us!

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Pharma spray drying

Pharmaceutical spray drying

LEWA provides accurate and efficient diaphragm metering pumps for pharmaceutical spray drying. Consult us!

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Gelatine production for sweets

Production of gelatine

In the production of gelatin and in the fabrication of gelatin products, LEWA pumps and systems are used. We would be happy to give you more information!

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Homogenization in Pharma processes

High purity systems

Pumps and high purity systems from LEWA are a tried-and-tested solution in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry. We are happy to assist with your individual high purity system.

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Production of creams

Production of creams

With its metering systems and diaphragm pumps, LEWA offers the right solution for recipe-compliant production of creams.

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Metering pumps for sterile applications

LEWA manufactures special aseptic solutions, for the metering of sensitive fluids. Ask our pharma experts for more information!

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LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump all around talent

LEWA ecoflow®: The Leading Diaphragm Metering Pump for Precision Fluid Management

LEWA ecoflow: The Innovative Universal Metering Pump with DPS Diaphragm Protection. Trusted across all industries, this modular system pump excels in a wide range of applications. Experience unparalleled versatility and reliability with our ecoflow, the ultimate choice in metering pump technology.

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ecoflow sanitary hygienic pump

LEWA ecoflow®: Advanced Hygienic Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Sanitary Applications

Discover the LEWA ecoflow® in its hygienic version, designed for sanitary applications. This versatile metering pump maintains its renowned all-around performance while meeting the stringent hygienic standards required in pharmaceutical and food production industries.

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LEWA ecosmart diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecosmart®: Precision-Engineered Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Efficient Fluid Control

Experience the innovative LEWA ecosmart, a compact diaphragm metering pump offering multiplex capabilities at a competitive price. We assure the renowned LEWA quality, backed by our 70 years of market expertise. Choose LEWA ecosmart for smart metering pump solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

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LEWA ecodos diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecodos®: Robust Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Precision Dosing

The LEWA ecodos metering pump delivers absolute reliability, cost-efficiency, and adaptability for applications preferring non-diaphragm actuation. Trust in our proven modular system to design the optimal metering pump tailored to your specific needs.

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LEWA ecodos sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecodos®: Advanced Sanitary/Hygienic Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Precise Fluid Control

The LEWA ecodos is also offered in a sanitary/hygienic version, expertly meeting all operational standards for pharmaceutical and food production metering pumps.

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LEWA intellidrive diaphragm metering pump

LEWA intellidrive®: Cutting-Edge Diaphragm Metering Pump Technology for Precision Fluid Management

Customize both suction and discharge strokes to fit your precise specifications with the LEWA intellidrive® diaphragm metering pump. This technology allows you to individually shape pumping characteristics, ensuring optimal metering for your applications.

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LEWA FC laboratory pumps

LEWA FC: High-Precision Laboratory Metering Pumps for Advanced Research Applications

Explore our precision metering pumps designed for micro-flow rates. The FC series, capable of handling pressures up to 400 bar, is tailor-made for laboratory and test center applications, offering unparalleled accuracy for small-scale fluid management.

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LEWA ecoflow process pump

LEWA ecoflow®: The Leading Process Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

The innovative ecoflow diaphragm process pump excels in high-pressure applications across industries including oil and gas, refinery, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and food and beverage production.

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LEWA triplex process pump

LEWA triplex®: Compact Process Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

The LEWA triplex process diaphragm pump stands out as one of the world's most compact high-pressure pumps, ideal for installation in confined spaces. Renowned for its robustness, it has demonstrated exceptional performance across various high-pressure processes in multiple industries.

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Pomac rotary lobe pump

Pomac rotary lobe pump

The flexible and economical positive-displacement pump for hygienic standard applications all the way to complex sterile applications with low-viscosity, viscous and/or shear-sensitive media.

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Pomac PDSP double screw pump

Pomac PDSP double screw pump

Pomac PDSP double-screw pumps are ideally suited for a variety of processes in the food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. They are extremely economical because they are suitable for conveying and for sterilizing/cleaning (2 in 1).

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Pomac centrifugal pump

Pomac centrifugal pump

The stainless-steel Pomac centrifugal pumps for low-viscosity media feature optimum hydraulic data, a unique modular design and numerous options available in the area of shaft seals. It is available in various versions.

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Richter pump

Richter magnetic coupling and mechanical seal process pumps

The Richter centrifugal pump is particularly suited for pumping corrosive, hazardous or highly pure media and is qualified for medium and heavy working operating conditions. Numerous model versions complete the profile for various uses.

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Wilden air-operated pump

Wilden standard air-operated diaphragm pump

As the inventor of the compressed air-operated double-diaphragm pump, Wilden Pump & Engineering Co. introduced the first pump of this design in 1955.

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LEWA bellows pulsators

LEWA Bellows Pulsators

The perfect solution for generating oscillating fluid flows in vertical vessels for a quicker chemical reaction.

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LEWA production units

Customer-Specific Metering, Mixing or Filling Systems from LEWA

Customer-specific batch/continuous systems for your production process. Metering, mixing, filling, separating, controlling temperature: We work with you to develop the ideal process-related sequence and produce the system that fits your production process – right up to the end product.

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LEWA customer specific metering systems

Customer-Specific Metering Systems from LEWA

Turnkey metering system in closed loop control with monitoring and plausibility testing equipment. Your individually configured metering system with an optimally designed pump for fluid metering in automated processes.

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Wilden sanitary pump

Wilden sanitary/hygienic air operated diaphragm pump

Wilden's Saniflo FDA and Hygienic HS AODD pumps were developed to meet the highest standards and requirements in the industry.

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Richter compressors

Richter shut-off, control, and safety valves

The Richter product range is practically seamless for corrosion-resistant shut-off, safety, sampling, check and sight-glass valves as well as control devices for control and shut-off tasks.

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LEWA triplex®: High-Pressure Homogenizing Process Pumps

The LEWA triplex homogenizing pump utilizes hermetic diaphragm technology, making it ideal for sensitive applications such as ready-to-drink products, infant food, nutraceuticals, and enteral nutrition. Designed to handle demanding fluids, it finds optimal use in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

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HNPM - Micro annular gear pump series HL

Micro annular gear pumps accomplish conventional micro fluidic tasks effectively and efficiently and open up new technological fields.


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