HNPM - Micro annular gear pump series HL

Micro annular gear pumps accomplish conventional micro fluidic tasks effectively and efficiently and open up new technological fields. The gear pump achieves flow rates from 1 μl /h to 1.1 l /min at pressures from 0 up to 150 bar.

HNPM - Micro annular gear pump HL

The gear pump for various application fields e.g. Life Science, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and many more.

The high performance pump series is well suited for challenging dosing tasks requiring high precision, a middle pressure range, high temperatures and viscosities ranging from 0.3 to 1,000,000 mPas. The pump has a double‑sided bearing systemand is driven by a powerful DC‑servo motor with integrated controller. With a large choice of additional modules such as the fluidic seal module, heating module, heat insulation module or gear modules, the high performance pumps are especially recom‑ mended for mechanical and plant engineering. Depending on the pump size, standardized connectors 1/4“‑28 UNF, 1/8“ NPT or 3/8“ NPT are offered.

Good reasons for a HNPM - Micro annular gear pump

The micro annular gear pump product range consists of five different series of mzr pumps for dosing and metering small amounts of low to high viscosity liquids. With different equipment, dosing volumes starting at 0.25 μl, flow rates ranging from 1 μl /h to 1.1 l /min as well as pressures from 0 to a maximum of 150 bar are possible. The range of the liquid viscosity extends from 0.3 to 1,000,000 mPas. Operation in an explosion-proof area is also possible.


  • Precise dosing 
  • Long service life due to tungsten carbide and ceramic components
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Self-priming
  • Dosing, metering and rinsing

Further Advantages

  • Low dead volume
  • Compact structure
  • Low weight
  • Low pulsation
  • Low shear stress
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Forward and reverse operation


HNPM Pumpen Technische Daten (DE)

Technische Spezifikationen HNPM Pumpen
226 KB | pdf | 23.08.2021


HNPM pumps technical data (EN)

Technical specifications of HNPM pumps
225 KB | pdf | 23.08.2021



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Fields of Applications

Life Science

  • Laboratory and analysis technology
  • Diagnostics
  • Cell analysis
  • Chromatography
  • Biochip technology
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Biotechnology


  • Fine chemistry 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Basic chemistry
  • Agrochemistry
  • Petrochemistry 
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

Mechanical Engineering

  • Packaging and filling 
  • Automotive industry 
  • Tobacco industry
  • Mechanical engineering for medical devices
  • Cooling technology
  • Color dosing in plastic injection moulding

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