Injection of glycol when gas drying with LEWA packages and process diaphragm pumps

Gas, stored in underground caverns for example, absorbs moisture from the surrounding salt dome and thus requires treatment.

Glycol is mainly used to reduce the moisture content in gas. Various types of glycol (MEG, TEG, DEG) are used for this purpose, allowing for the compression and further transport of the gas.

LEWA offers custom-designed process diaphragm pumps and packages optimized for glycol injection.


Advantages of LEWA diaphragm pumps for glycol injection:

  • Leak-free, hermetically sealed
  • Very easy diaphragm replacement
  • All movable parts operate in protective, lubricating hydraulic fluid
  • Very long service life (often more than 10,000 hours of continuous operation)
  • Convincing "Total Costs of Ownership" (TCO): LEWA offers the necessary equipment with the lowest downtimes, low maintenance, low friction losses and low energy consumption and most efficient pumps


Process description

Gas dehydration using glycol

The glycol is separated from the gas and containes moisture with it. The absorbed moisture also contains contaminants, such as H2S, sulfur and solids, that make the water acidic and extremely corrosive.

The low pH value is neutralized by the injection of caustic soda. Afterwards the glycol is heated to about 120° C, vaporizing the water content. The glycol is then ready for recycling and can be injected back into the incoming gas.

In addition to the glycol injection, every large drying system always requires one or more chemical injection systems for neutralization.

There are various processes – from simple injection to so-called high speed columns (GESIP® process) – which ensure fast drying and allow a high gas flow.


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