LEWA intellidrive diaphragm metering pump

LEWA intellidrive®
diaphragm metering pump

The LEWA intellidrive technology can be used to design the pump's suction and discharge stroke and individually model the pumping characteristics!

The highly dynamic servomotor modulates the pump's stroke according to the demands of your system and process. The stroke adjustment normally required for metering pumps can then be omitted. The LEWA intellidrive diaphragm metering pumps implement flow volumes up to 4 m³/h and discharge pressures up to 1000 bar.

LEWA intellidrive® diaphragm metering pumps

Metering pumps for special fluid kinematics.

Fluids with special kinematics are pumped in many filling tasks and high-precision chromatography processes in the pharmaceutical industry. We developed the LEWA intellidrive technology for this purpose. The highly dynamic servomotor makes it possible to regulate the pump's stroke times in an infinitely variable manner, thus modeling individual pumping characteristics according to the demands of your system and process.

This intelligent motion control also enables the metering of highly viscous fluids and facilitates metering of very small volumes, even over very wide control ranges. In combination with a second pump, nearly pulsation-free volume flows can be generated through accurate synchronization.

Intellidrive technology is available as either a LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump or ecodos diaphragm metering pump.

LEWA intellidrive diaphragm metering pump

Good reasons for a LEWA intellidrive®

LEWA intellidrive pumps are mechatronic diaphragm metering pumps with intelligent drive technology via servomotor. The innovative servomotor drive features various advantages compared to other drive technologies.

Pumps for metering of highly viscous fluids

Fluids with high viscosities

Through the decelerated suction stroke, the LEWA intellidrive is very well suited for fluids with high viscosities up to 100.000 mPa∙s e.g. honey. This characteristic makes LEWA intellidrive unique in comparison to other pumps.

Integrated control rule systems

Easy integration into higher-level process control systems

Interfaces such as Ethernet and Profibus ensure problem-free system integration. Pumps can be integrated as field equipment in the higher-level process control technology. Prefabricated plugs on the pump motor connect the supply and signal lines with the control unit. Analog inputs and outputs, for example for valve control, can be expanded.

Pumps with a wide dynamic range

Large adjustment range

Precision is our strength: The drive of the LEWA intellidrive metering pump can be configured in an extremely large control range of at least 1:150. This allows us to fulfill the most stringent requirements for sensitive metering tasks, for example in the pharmaceutical industry.

Suction, discharge, stroke

Individual suction and discharge stroke characteristics

The LEWA intellidrive technology can be used to model, program and save individual suction and discharge stroke characteristics. Using various suction and discharge stroke frequencies, high-viscosity fluids are drawn in slowly and with low pressure loss via the smaller valve nominal width – and then quickly fed to the process in the discharge stroke.

Pulsation reduction

Synchronization of pumps for pulsation reduction

By using two synchronized intellidrive pumps, a virtually pulsation-free volume flow can be generated. Therefore, the piping system, in some cases, can make do without pulsation dampers. These are often hard to clean, particularly in hygienic applications.

Precise filling tasks and fluid chromatography

Infinitely variable stroke times permit fluids with special kinematics to be moved successfully. This makes it terrifically well suited as a metering pump in filling tasks or in highly precise chromatography systems in the pharmaceutical area.

Suitable for the smallest flow rates

The LEWA intellidrive implements extremely small flow rates up to 1 ml/h with precision. No other industrial pump reaches the degree of precision often required in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes.


API 675 standard

The intellidrive series fulfills the internationally valid quality standard of the American Petroleum Institute API 675. In this standard, all requirements for a displacement pump in industrial settings are defined with respect to design, construction and performance. We would be happy to present you with further certifications, if desired.

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Customized valves

LEWA uses numerous special types of valves such as specially hardened valves for liquified gases or valves with minimal dead space for the food and pharmaceutical production.

Diverse connection geometries

Our pumps are equipped with all common connection geometries such as DIN standard, BASF's high-pressure standard, American ANSI, JIS, or your individual requirements. Customized configurations are possible.

Heating and cooling jacket

With heating and cooling jackets, our pumps are suitable for almost any temperature and can convey fluids at low temperatures or extreme heat.

Special design materials

If the process demands it, wetted parts such as pumps heads and valves will be made of special materials such as stainless steel 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404), Hastelloy or Duplex steel and PVC.

Diagnostic connection

Our pumps and systems have connections that facilitate the diagnosis of their performance. This is done by a service technician on site or via remote monitoring.

Integrated pressure relief valve

An integrated pressure relief valve prevents potential overload situations. The valve is individually adjustable and can be adapted to different operating situations.

Sanitary & hygienic design

LEWA pumps and systems in sanitary & hygienic design are available for applications that require extremely high purity, such as food production and the pharmaceutical industry.


CIP and SIP capability

Many LEWA pumps, systems and units can be cleaned (Cleaning in Place) and sterilized (Sterilization in Place). To carry this out, it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment.

Complete documentation

In the process of documentation, we consider your requirements and provide inspection records, print samples, diagrams of output characteristics and registration papers on request.

Product range

With various pump heads, the LEWA intellidrive diaphragm metering pump covers a large performance spectrum. This allows us to provide you with a high-performance, energy-saving pump for any desired application.

Drive unit data

Type Stroke length [mm] Plunger rod force [N]
LDB 15 2000
LDC 15 5000
LDD 30 7000
LDE 30 20000

Performance overview

Performance diagram of LEWA diaphragm and process pumps ecoflow

Installation dimensions

Save space and weight through multiplex arrangement of pumps or arrangement in the compact boxer design.

Type L [mm] W [mm] H [mm]
LDB 400 400 260
LDC 450 500 320
LDD 700 750 610
LDE 800 900 690

Performance data

Pump type/flow rate [l/h] Permitted pressure for stainless steel [bar] Permitted pressure for plastic [bar]      
      VA   PVC   PVDF  
2 20 12 80 60 80
4 20 12 80 60 80
6 20 12 80 60 80
12 20 12 80 60 80
25 10 10 80 60 80
50 10 10 80 60 80
90 10 10 80 60 80
180 10 10 80 60 80
350 7.5 7.5 80 60 80
550 7.5 7.5 80 60 80
750 5 5 80 60 80
1100 5 5 80 60 80
1500 5 5 80 60 80

Pump head variants

We provide various pump heads for different applications. Here, the spectrum ranges from all-purpose variants to special designs for high temperatures, pressures or aggressive fluids.

Pump head ecodos (ohne Abbildung)

Mechanically actuated diaphragm pump head with monitored four-layer PTFE sandwich diaphragm; very robust pump head technology for pressures up to 20 bar.

Type ecodos
Pressure 20 bar
Flow rate 1,5 m³/h
Temperature +80 °C
Viscosity 500 mPa∙s
Operational capability Can be installed on all
intellidrive ecodos diaphragm metering pumps.


Pump head M900

State of the art universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for maximum operational safety. Robust and reliable with unmatched standard of protection against difficult start up, faulty operation and upset conditions. The patented DPS technology also enables a suction lift capability that is globally unique in the field of hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps. 

Type M900
Pressure 500 bar
Flow rate 6 m³/h
Temperature -20/+150 °C
Viscosity 100.000 mPa∙s
Operational capability Can be installed on all ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps
Pump head M9

Pump head M200/M400

Proven pump head with metal diaphragm for extreme pressures and high temperatures. Also suitable when a high degree of permeation resistance is required. The diaphragm is working between two contour plates, limiting the deflection of the diaphragm and providing an extreme level of operational reliability. The diaphragm monitoring system offers a plus for safety by immediately displaying the damage of a diaphragm layer.

Type M200/M400
Pressure 1.200 bar
Flow rate 1,1 m³/h (M200) 0,8 m³/h (M400)
Temperature -40/+200 °C
Viscosity 500 mPa∙s
Operational capability M200 can be installed on all ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps ≤ LDE, M400 can be installed on all ecoflow process diaphragm pumps ≥ LDF.
Pump head M200 M400


Chemical Pumps and Metering Packages for the Chemical Industry

When critical, environmentally hazardous, toxic, or flammable fluids and suspensions need to be reliably conveyed or metered in high-pressure processes, there is no alternative to hermetically sealed metering pumps, process diaphragm pumps, and metering systems from LEWA. Hermetically sealed LEWA pumps with pressures up to 1200 bar are the first choice for the production of chemical intermediate and end products. Contact our experts and let us advise you about your individual chemical pump or system solution!

More Details

Pumps and Systems for the Plastics Industry

We offer you special expertise for all compounding processes in the plastics processing industry (addition of waxes, flame retardants, and lubricants). Contact our experts! We're happy to give you advice about metering and pumping solutions for the plastics industry such as in polyethylene processing.

More Details

Pumps and Systems for the Manufacture of Detergents and Cleaners

LEWA offers continually operating, formula-controlled systems for the manufacture of household and industrial cleaners in all commercially available surfactant concentrations – from raw product to end product. Contact our experts and let us advise you – we will work with you to configure pumps and systems for the manufacture of detergents and for the production of other cleaners.

More Details

Pumps and Systems for the Production of Personal Care Products

Processes with strict quality and hygiene requirements, such as GMP or the need to avoid preservatives, require the right equipment. We support you in the selection and the design of hygienic components and systems for producing personal care products. Contact our experts and let us advise you – we will work with you to develop customized metering solutions for your process, such as for manufacturing personal care products.

More Details

Pumps and Systems for the Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industries

As the leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries, LEWA supports you during the development of complete solutions, which meet your process requirements exactly. Special expertise is required in the production of pharmaceuticals in order to ensure that legal requirements are met. Reliability when it comes to production, documentation, and validation are our top priorities.

More Details

Pumps and Systems for the Food and Beverage Industry

LEWA supports producers and plant construction companies in the food and beverage industries with pumps and systems for homogenization and dispersion, as well as for other processing operations in the food industry. We work with you to plan all the important process-related operations, such as conveying, metering, mixing, heating, and cooling so that you can process your raw product cost-effectively.

More Details

Metering Packages and Pumps for Power Plants and Power Suppliers

LEWA supports power plant operators and power suppliers with pumps and systems for conveying, metering, and mixing different fluids. We not only provide power plants with our products, but also develop solutions for wastewater treatment plants, gas bottlers, biogas producers, regional power suppliers, and hydrogen producers.

More Details

Pumps and Metering Systems for Other Industries

LEWA offers customized solutions and references for almost all industries in which processes require exact metering or the reliable conveyance of fluids. As specialists in fluid handling, we of course also have experience in areas outside of our key markets.

More Details


Downstream processing

LEWA systems and gradient mixers are used in downstream processing of chemicals and biotechnology. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

More Details

Pharmaceutical spray drying

LEWA provides accurate and efficient diaphragm metering pumps for pharmaceutical spray drying. Consult us!

More Details

Continuous metering of extremely small quantities with LEWA intellidrive

Minimum flow rates down to 1 ml/h: With LEWA intellidrive technology, we already have created solutions for many applications with very small flow rates.

More Details

Oil-free CO2 cooling with LEWA pumps

LEWA diaphragm metering pumps provide a constant oil-free CO2 cooling of silicon sensors in particle physics research center CERN.

More Details

Dilution of emulsifiers

With its metering systems and diaphragm pumps, LEWA offers the right solution for recipe-compliant emulsifier dilution.

More Details

Extracting omega-3 fatty acids using supercritical CO2

LEWA offers optimum pump solutions for these processes, which perform their tasks safe, permanently reliable and efficiently

More Details


With the diaphragm metering pumps and streamlined suspension valves, LEWA offers the suitable solution for the metering of fluids with solid particles.

More Details


LEWA ecoflow (USA)

Custom made metering pumps.
2 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA ecoflow (ES-SA)

Bombas de dosificación hechas a la medida.
2 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA ecoflow maßgeschneiderte Dosierpumpen (DE)

LEWA ecoflow ist ein umfangreiches Baukastensystem für Membran- und Kolbenpumpen. Es kombiniert sieben Triebwerksgrößen mit sechs unterschiedlichen Pumpenköpfen.
2 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA ecoflow bombas dosadoras customizadas (PT)

A ecoflow LEWA é um extensivo sistema modular para bombas dosadoras de diafragma e de pistão. Ela combina sete tamanhos de unidade com seis diferentes cabeças de bomba.
2 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA ecoflow custom-made metering pumps (EN)

LEWA ecoflow is an extensive modular system for diaphragm and packed plunger metering pumps. It combines seven drive sizes with six different pump heads.
2 MB | pdf | 14.10.2019


LEWA_ecoflow Innovacionnye dozirovochnye nasosy (RU)

Дозировочный насос с индивидуальными характеристиками.
2 MB | pdf | 10.04.2019


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