Pump synchronization

LEWA is more than the leading manufacturer of metering pumps and systems. With our expertise, we develop technologies that further improve the operation of technical process systems. This includes pump synchronization that produces a reduction in pulsations and vibrations in pipeline systems and optimization of stand-by concepts.


  • Parallel operation of multiple pumps in the same pipeline system.
  • Synchronization of all pumps at low pump frequencies instead of stand-by concepts.
  • Increase in flow rate by starting up an additional synchronized pump
  • Improvement in the pulsation and resonance behavior of the pipeline system.


Pump synchronization

Less pulsation - more effective stand-by concepts

By synchronizing pumps, you can avoid pulsations in pipeline systems and also create effective standby concepts.

Two or more pumps are synchronized via an electronic crankshaft coupling. This means that pumps can be arranged in separate areas. Various effects are achieved via the controlled phase shift. For example, undesirable pulsations and / or resonances can be avoided. In addition, synchronization has a positive impact on the implementation of less expensive and more effective stand-by concepts.

Animated pump synchronization

Simulate different operating states of a system with and without pump synchronization in our animation. Pay particular attention to the differences in pressure pulsation in the piping system.

Customer benefit

The benefit of pump synchronization for systems is obvious: The technology is protected and breakdown and maintenance times are reduced. By increasing efficiency, operation of the entire system becomes more cost-effective. Lower investment costs (compare three smaller pumps with two large pumps).


Pumps with high suction capacity


  • Better utilization thanks to operation of every pump in the lower frequency range.
  • Dedicated maintenance and standby pumps unnecessary
  • Lower pump life cycle costs
  • Reduction of resonance and pulsations in pipeline systems
  • Pumps can be switched off and on without reduction of flow rate in the overall system
  • Pump synchronization is a proven and reliable LEWA technology


Electronic control characteristics:

  • Only one guide signal
  • Automatic conversion of the guide signal and phase delay dependent on the number of pumps
  • Easy transition of system to maintenance status by cutting pumps in and out

Required components:

  • Frequency converter for each pump
  • Encoder system for each pump
  • Control unit for synchronization
LEWA pumps contain reliable and longlasting components

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