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LEWA ecosmart diaphragm metering pumps & spare parts now available in the new webshop.

The Webshop for metering pumps offers 20 percent lower prices, shorter delivery times and now also matching spare parts, the website is optimized for mobile devices.

The relaunch of the Webshop at the end of November 2016 helped Lewa GmbH, a manufacturer of metering and process diaphragm pumps based in Leonberg, Germany, strengthen online sales of the Ecosmart series and continue expanding the range of products offered online. In addition to the Ecosmart pumps for flow rates up to 180 l/h and pressure up to 80 bar, appropriate spare part sets are now available when the pumps are purchased or alternatively as a reorder. The new presentation, which is also optimized for mobile devices, and the easier configurator operation simplify the order process.

"The new features included in the relaunch represent our commitment to the technical developments of our time and our adaptation to meet the needs of our customers who rely on our ability to process orders quickly", explains Moritz Pastow, the marketing manager responsible for the project at Lewa. The Webshop created specifically for these Ecosmart pumps three years ago now provides the customer with even more intuitive guidance through each step to the purchase and assists with configuration. This significantly simplifies and shortens the purchasing process for busy system operators. The advantages for users of the online shop extend beyond quick delivery and the globally standardized price that is at least 20 percent lower. Once the order is complete, it usually takes just ten working days until the product ships. Large order quantities may result in slightly longer delivery times. "The competitive price and fast delivery is our way of passing on our savings from the streamlined ordering process directly to the customer", says Pastow.

Order the right spare parts with ease

Another important new feature of the online shop is the addition of spare and wear part sets for the pumps available in the Webshop to the product portfolio. This decision came about as a result of receiving more and more spare part orders by e-mail and customers looking for a quick response over in-depth consultation. The online shop helps in this area as well. The system only shows customers appropriate spare part sets for the respective pumps – either directly in relation to the order or based on previous purchases. "We allow customers to have better planning reliability for maintenance intervals and provide a fast and easy way to get the right spare parts", says Pastow. .

Individual pieces with tried-and-tested technology

Since the Ecosmart series consists of diaphragm pumps for complex applications, Lewa still does not provide any ready-to-use models but rather exclusively custom-built systems. The tried-and-tested manufacturer technology remains the same. An integrated, individually adjustable pressure relief valve equipped with a PTFE sandwich diaphragm with diaphragm monitoring prevents any possible overload situations. A reliable indicator is provided in case the diaphragm is damaged however. The pump remains free of leaks and can continue to operate ‒ at least for a limited amount of time. The patented DPS protection system also ensures that the pump remains stable and hermetically tight even in the event of severe accidents so that it can be approached from any operating state safely.

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