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LEWA ecodos - Bomba dosadora de diafragma com acionamento mecânico. (PT)

A LEWA ecodos é uma bomba dosadora de diafragma segura, confiável e eficiente com acionamento mecânico do diafragma que oferece muitas opções.
2 MB | 28.08.2019

LEWA process diaphragm pumps LEWA triplex and LEWA ecoflow for process engineering. (USA)

LEWA process diaphragm pumps set the standard for process engineering, allowing even critical, toxic, or flammable fluids to be conveyed safely.
4 MB | 28.08.2019

LEWA Micrometering pumps (EN)

Micrometering pumps with diaphragm technology for metering fluids in laboratories and test centers.
1 MB | 28.08.2019

LEWA ecodos - the mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump. (EN)

LEWA ecodos is a safe, reliable and efficient diaphragm metering pump with mechanical diaphragm actuation that provides many options.
2 MB | 28.08.2019

Pomac pumps - Rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps for hygienic processes.(EN)

Pomac rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps are used worldwide in the food industry, in the production of beverages, and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
3 MB | 28.08.2019

LEWA ecosmart bombas dosadoras de diafragma a um preço acessível. (PT)

A bomba dosadora de diafragma ecosmart da LEWA oferece a melhor relação preço/desempenho em sua classe e dosa fluidos frequentemente caros com alta precisão.
1 MB | 28.08.2019

LEWA pulsation studies for analyzing pipeline systems. (EN)

Especially for reciprocating positive displacement pumps, interactions with connected pipelines and system parts must be taken into consideration.
865 KB | 28.08.2019

Герметичные электронасосы НИККИСО (RU)

Герметичные насосы НИККИСО (NIKKISO Non-Seal®).
4 MB | 28.08.2019

NIKKISO Non-Seal Canned Motor Pumps (PT)

As bombas centrífugas encapsuladas NIKKISO foram desenvolvidas para aplicações em refinarias e no setor petroquímico.
4 MB | 28.08.2019

LEWA Lifetime Services (DE)

Individueller Service für jede Pumpe.
2 MB | 28.08.2019

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