Metering pumps in sewage plants

In order to keep the coordinated microbiological processes of sewage plants in balance additives have to be applied when necessary. 


LEWA supplies sturdy metering pumps that can easily be implemented in metering systems, either in new ones in the planning phase or as replacement for older pumps in existing systems. LEWA pumps are provided in a modular design that grants a high flexibility.

A wide range of material choices assures highest chemical resistance and a long lifetime of the wetted parts in every situation. The pumps are designed for long-term use and high availability, amongst others due to sandwich diaphragms which provide emergency running properties in case one of the diaphragm layers is worn. Additionally, the most important spare parts are always in stock.

Rake and grit trap
Mechanical pre-cleaning 
LEWA offers solutions for: 

  • Suction of the settled sand(sand-water mixture) with specially coated centrifugal pumps and air-operated diaphragm pumps

Primary clarifier diaphragm pumps
Further reduction of the flow velocity,
approx. 1.5 h retention time
LEWA offers solutions for:

  • Targeted addition of C-sources (e.g. isopropanol, glycerol) for phosphorus degradation with diaphragm metering pumps
    LEWA ecosmart or LEWA ecodos
  • Tank truck unloading of C- sources with lined centrifugal pumps

Aeration tank
Nitrogen degradation
LEWA offers solutions for:

  • Chemical precipitation with iron(III) chloride, metering of flocculation aids with diaphragm metering pumps LEWA ecosmart or LEWA ecodos

Fourth clarifier
For trace substances (e.g. drug residues) sand filter systems with activated carbon filter
LEWA offers solutions for:

  • Backwashing of the filters with water, reuse of the filter sand with centrifugal pumps and compressed air diaphragm pumps

LEWA metering pumps convey additives in sewage plants:

For example: C-sources like isopropanol and glycerin or ferric chloride and other flocculants


Sewage treatment plants are necessary to turn wastewater from households or municipalities into clean water that can be returned to the water cycle.

In such plants, there are several process steps for removing unwanted contaminants – physically, microbiologically and chemically. Depending on the composition of the various wastewater types that enter the plant, auxiliary fluids like isopropanol have to be added to keep the conditions for microbiological stability within certain limits. E.g., when the level of C-sources is too low.

Flocculants help to coagulate ingredients that microbes cannot neutralize. Those molecules may then be removed mechanically.


LEWA solutions are found also in other industries, for example in the Varnish- and Lacquer industry
LEWA solutions are found also in other industries

Pumps and Metering Systems for Other Industries

LEWA offers customized solutions and references for almost all industries in which processes require exact metering or the reliable conveyance of fluids. As specialists in fluid handling, we of course also have experience in areas outside of our key markets.

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LEWA ecosmart diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecosmart®: Precision-Engineered Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Efficient Fluid Control

Experience the innovative LEWA ecosmart, a compact diaphragm metering pump offering multiplex capabilities at a competitive price. We assure the renowned LEWA quality, backed by our 70 years of market expertise. Choose LEWA ecosmart for smart metering pump solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

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LEWA ecodos diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecodos®: Robust Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Precision Dosing

The LEWA ecodos metering pump delivers absolute reliability, cost-efficiency, and adaptability for applications preferring non-diaphragm actuation. Trust in our proven modular system to design the optimal metering pump tailored to your specific needs.

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