LEWA triplex process pump

LEWA triplex® Compact Process Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

LEWA triplex pumps are robust process diaphragm pumps featuring the patented LEWA DPS diaphragm protection system. Ideal for high-pressure processes across industries and diverse fluid types. Its compact monoblock design makes it perfect for limited installation spaces.

LEWA triplex pumps deliver flow rates of up to 180 m³/h and discharge pressures of up to 1200 bar.

LEWA triplex®

Compact, rugged, reliable.

In high-pressure applications across industries like oil and gas, chemical, food, and energy, the LEWA triplex diaphragm process pump stands out.

Featuring proven patented LEWA diaphragm technology, it ensures secure, reliable operation and boasts the world’s most compact design for a process pump. With benefits including long service life, minimal life cycle costs, and high energy efficiency, it's a top choice.

Available in six sizes, it caters to various processes and applications, meeting diverse requirements with ease.

LEWA triplex process pump

Top Reasons to Choose LEWA Triplex® for High-Pressure Processes

The LEWA Triplex stands out as a hydraulically driven diaphragm process pump with a compact design, delivering multiple advantages over similar pumps in high-pressure processes.

Compact and space saving design of pumps and systems

Solid, compact design

The LEWA triplex features a solid, durable and long-lasting overall design resulting from a one-piece crankcase and double bearing crankshaft. The space-saving monoblock design makes the triplex the world’s most compact process pump. This also makes it ideal for applications and processes with little installation space, such as oil drilling platforms.

Pulsation reduction

Low-pulsation flow rate

The triplex series features very smooth running and a low-pulsation flow rate. The even phasing of pistons (eccentric offset) makes this possible. This means there is usually no need to install pulsation dampers in the pipeline system.

Pumps with high suction capacity

Unique suction capacity

The unique suction capacity of the LEWA triplex diaphragm process pump distinguishes it from other pumps. With an absolute suction pressure of up to 0.1 bar, it provides more than just a wide array of safe installation options. The operating costs for the entire system can also be decreased compared to other pumps.

Absulute safe start up at LEWA triplex pumps

Absolutely safe and reliable startup

Starting up the process pump is safe, reliable and easy: When not operating, a spring fixes the diaphragm in a neutral position at all times. This ensures that the diaphragm is never damaged due to incorrect positioning when starting up.

Safety manometer of a LEWA pump

Safety and reliability in extreme operating states

For us, safety and reliability come first: The pump is not subjected to damage, even after operating errors occur or in extreme operating states. We offer maximum protection for user and machine through built-in safety mechanisms—not only when excess primary pressure is present, but also when the pressure or suction line is closed.

Pumps suitable for a wide range of fluids

Suitable for virtually all fluids

The ecoflow series is suitable for almost all liquids thanks to its flexible design. Whether they are dangerous, toxic, abrasive, viscous, environmentally harmful or sensitive fluids, the user-specific configuration always gives you the correct diaphragm process pump.

Hermetically tight, leakfree diaphragm pumps

Patented sandwich diaphragm

Our patented sandwich diaphragm is not just extremely durable, it is also well-protected. The LEWA DPS diaphragm protection system and diaphragm monitoring system report any damage to the diaphragm before it tears and has a chance to contaminate the pumped fluid.

Pressure Valves

Integrated pressure relief valve

A pressure relief valve in the hydraulic part of the diaphragm pump prevents potential overload situations during operation. This valve is individually adjustable and can therefore be adapted to different operating situations.

Vertical flange motor

Our triplex pumps up to the G3R size feature an integrated reduction gear unit and a vertically attached flange motor to save space.

API 675 standard

The triplex series fulfills the internationally valid quality standard of the American Petroleum Institute API 675. In this standard, all requirements for a displacement pump in industrial settings are defined with respect to design, construction and performance.

Low maintenance costs and a long service life

Our pumps feature extremely low maintenance costs and a long service life. If regular maintenance intervals are maintained, our diaphragm pumps can operate up to 40 years.

High energy efficiency

LEWA process pumps achieve the highest efficiency of all pump technologies. Our triplex series also combines high efficiency with low energy consumption.

Worldwide standards

We comply with globally applicable standards such as VDMA 24284 and 24286-10 when designing our pumps.


Hermetically sealed

Diaphragm pumps work without dynamic seals. This forms a hermetically sealed working area. No emissions escape to the outside, and contamination of the fluid is impossible.

LEWA Smart Monitoring

With digital pumps for more efficiency, system availability and profitability of the entire production.

LEWA Smart Monitoring is a monitoring system consisting of sensors, a programmable logic controller (PLC), an industrial PC (IPC) and data analysis for new and existing pumps. The system determines characteristic values and key performance indicators. There is no intervention in process control or direct contact between the sensor system and the conveyed fluid.

With key performance indicator-based condition monitoring, you detect and monitor operating statuses proactively. You can also optimize the overall output and robustness of your pump and pipe systems. This will increase the efficiency of your entire production plant. You can access the data conveniently via your corporate network. Or you use the LEWA cloud with extended analysis and service offers.

Learn more about LEWA Smart Monitoring

    Explore LEWA Triplex® videos: High-Pressure Process Pumps in Compact Design

    Unlock Versatility with LEWA Triplex®: Robust Features for High-Pressure Processes

    Customized valves

    LEWA uses numerous special types of valves such as specially hardened valves for liquified gases or valves with minimal dead space for the food and pharmaceutical production.

    Diverse connection geometries

    Our pumps are equipped with all common connection geometries such as DIN standard, BASF's high-pressure standard, American ANSI, JIS, or your individual requirements. Customized configurations are possible.

    Integration into process control systems

    The signal acquisition of process control systems is achieved analogously or digitally. Flow rate is adjusted via electric or pneumatic stroke adjustment, alternatively by motor drive (FU).

    Diagnostic connection

    Our pumps and systems have connections that facilitate the diagnosis of their performance. This is done by a service technician on site or via remote monitoring.

    Heating and cooling jacket

    With heating and cooling jackets, our pumps are suitable for almost any temperature and can convey fluids at low temperatures or extreme heat.

    Integrated pressure relief valve

    An integrated pressure relief valve prevents potential overload situations. The valve is individually adjustable and can be adapted to different operating situations.

    Special design materials

    If the process demands it, wetted parts such as pumps heads and valves will be made of special materials such as stainless steel 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404), Hastelloy or Duplex steel and PVC.

    Sanitary & hygienic Design

    LEWA pumps and systems in sanitary & hygienic design are available for applications that require extremely high purity, such as food production and the pharmaceutical industry.

    CIP and SIP capability

    Many LEWA pumps, systems and units can be cleaned (Cleaning in Place) and sterilized (Sterilization in Place). To carry this out, it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment.

    Performance Range: LEWA Triplex® Process Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

    Maximized Performance Flexibility, the LEWA Triplex diaphragm process pump boasts a versatile range of pump heads and gear units, ensuring optimal performance across diverse applications.

    Performance overview

    Technical data LEWA process pumps

    Installation dimensions

    The space-saving monoblock design of our triplex pumps ensures maximum efficiency in the smallest space.

    G3S, G3F, G3G, G3M, G3R installation dimensions

    TypeL [mm]W [mm]H [mm]

    G3S, G3F, G3G, G3M, G3R installation dimensions

    LEWA G3 process pump dimensions

    G3U, G3T installation dimensions

    TypeL [mm]W [mm]H [mm]

    G3U, G3T installation dimensions

    LEWA G3 U process pump dimensions

    Pump head variants

    We provide various pump heads for different applications. Here, the spectrum ranges from all-purpose variants to special designs for high temperatures, pressures or aggressive fluids.

    Pump head M900

    State of the art universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for maximum operational safety. Robust and reliable with unmatched standard of protection against difficult start up, faulty operation and upset conditions. The patented DPS technology also enables a suction lift capability that is globally unique in the field of hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps. 

    Pressure500 bar
    Flow rate6 m³/h
    Temperature-20/+150 °C
    Viscosity100.000 mPa∙s
    Operational capabilityCan be installed on all ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps
    Pump head M9

    Pump head M900

    Pump head M800

    Universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for extreme pressures. The special geometry of the diaphragm clamping system enables the use of PTFE diaphragms in pressure ranges up to 1000 bar and thus results in a very compact shape. Very economical solution in the range of high pressures, especially in comparison to pump heads with metal diaphragms.

    Pressure1.000 bar
    Flow rate1,1 m³/h
    Temperature-10/+60 °C
    Viscosity100.000 mPa∙s
    Operational capabilityCan be installed on all ecoflow process diaphragm pumps ≥ LDF.
    Pump head M800

    Pump head M800

    Pump head M500

    Universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for high flow rates. Proven, durable, reliable and with diaphragm position control.

    Pressure350 bar
    Flow rate19 m³/h
    Temperature-50/+150 °C
    Viscosity100.000 mPa∙s
    Operational capabilityMetal pump heads (316/316L): can be installed on all ecoflow drive units ≥ LDE
    Plastic pump heads (PVC/PVDF/PTFE): can be installed on all ecoflow drive units ≤ LDE
    Pump head M500

    Pump head M500

    Pump head M400

    Proven pump head with metal diaphragm for extreme pressures and high temperatures. Also suitable when a high degree of permeation resistance is required. The diaphragm is working between two contour plates, limiting the deflection of the diaphragm and providing an extreme level of operational reliability. The diaphragm monitoring system offers a plus for safety by immediately displaying the damage of a diaphragm layer.

    Pressure1.200 bar
    Flow rate 0,8 m³/h
    Temperature-40/+200 °C
    Viscosity500 mPa∙s
    Operational capabilityCan be installed on all ecoflow process diaphragm pumps ≥ LDF.
    Pump head M200 M400

    Pump head M200 M400

    Special pump heads in remote head design

    Some tasks in process engineering include the metering or circulation of media with critical properties like high temperature and high abrasivity. These critical conditions frequently need to be kept away from the displacer system of the metering pump, either to protect the system or its operating personnel. A normal metering pump is not suitable for such tasks due to its compact design.

    TypeMR / MV / KV
    Pressure500 bar
    Flow rate19 m³/h
    Temperature-70/+400 °C
    Viscosity100.000 mPa∙s
    Operational capabilityRemote pump heads can be installed on all LEWA ecoflow metering and process pumps and on all LEWA triplex metering and process pumps.
    Pump head remote

    Pump head remote


    Complete systems from LEWA for offhore applications in the Oil-and Gas Industry
    Oil- and Gas Industry

    Pumps and Packages for the Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas

    LEWA has been your expert in pumps and packages since the 1950s. With us, you get everything from a single source: Our custom-built packages are used all around the world for offshore crude oil and natural gas production. From China to the United Arab Emirates, strong partners rely on our expertise for crude oil exploration applications.

    More Details
    Reliable pumping solutions for Refineries
    Refineries industry

    Pumps and Metering Systems for Distillation Plants and Applications in Refineries

    Crude oil must be cleaned, separated, and converted (refined) until the final products suitable for sale are made (e.g., gas, diesel, heating oil, lubricants, propane, butane). LEWA supports you with pumps and metering systems, which are used in the refining process during chemical metering. Application with our products are distillation plants, coker, cracker, or visbreaker, for example. Ask our experts for more information!

    More Details
    Pump, systems and skids for the Petrochemical industry
    Petrochemicals Industry

    Pumps and Metering Packages for the Petrochemical Industry

    We have supplied durable pumps and metering systems for applications such as the hydrocracking process for over 50 years. Petrochemicals generate starting products for the manufacture of plastics, pharmaceuticals, colorants, detergents, and other products. Contact our experts and allow us to provide you with detailed information about metering and pumping solutions for the hydrocracking process!

    More Details
    Robust metering solutions for the use in the Chemical industry
    Chemicals  industry

    Chemical Pumps and Metering Packages for the Chemical Industry

    When critical, environmentally hazardous, toxic, or flammable fluids and suspensions need to be reliably conveyed or metered in high-pressure processes, there is no alternative to hermetically sealed metering pumps, process diaphragm pumps, and metering systems from LEWA. Hermetically sealed LEWA pumps with pressures up to 1200 bar are the first choice for the production of chemical intermediate and end products. Contact our experts and let us advise you about your individual chemical pump or system solution!

    More Details
    Systems and pumps for the Cleaning and Detergents industry
    Cleaning and detergents industry

    Pumps and Systems for the Manufacture of Detergents and Cleaners

    LEWA offers continually operating, formula-controlled systems for the manufacture of household and industrial cleaners in all commercially available surfactant concentrations – from raw product to end product. Contact our experts and let us advise you – we will work with you to configure pumps and systems for the manufacture of detergents and for the production of other cleaners.

    More Details
    Pumps specially designed for the Cosmetics Industry
    Cosmetics and personal care industry

    Pumps and Systems for the Production of Personal Care Products

    Processes with strict quality and hygiene requirements, such as GMP or the need to avoid preservatives, require the right equipment. We support you in the selection and the design of hygienic components and systems for producing personal care products. Contact our experts and let us advise you – we will work with you to develop customized metering solutions for your process, such as for manufacturing personal care products.

    More Details
    LEWA pumps and systems meet the requirements of the Pharmaceuticals industry
    Pharma and Biotech Industry

    Pumps and Systems for the Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industries

    As the leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries, LEWA supports you during the development of complete solutions, which meet your process requirements exactly. Special expertise is required in the production of pharmaceuticals in order to ensure that legal requirements are met. Reliability when it comes to production, documentation, and validation are our top priorities.

    More Details
    Metering of sensible fluids in the food and beverage industry with LEWA pumps and systems
    Food an beverages industry

    Pumps and Systems for the Food and Beverage Industry

    LEWA supports producers and plant construction companies in the food and beverage industries with pumps and systems for homogenization and dispersion, as well as for other processing operations in the food industry. We work with you to plan all the important process-related operations, such as conveying, metering, mixing, heating, and cooling so that you can process your raw product cost-effectively.

    More Details
    For energy utilities LEWA provides customer specific pumping solutions
    Energy industry

    Metering Packages and Pumps for Power Plants and Power Suppliers

    LEWA supports power plant operators and power suppliers with pumps and systems for conveying, metering, and mixing different fluids. We not only provide power plants with our products, but also develop solutions for wastewater treatment plants, gas bottlers, biogas producers, regional power suppliers, and hydrogen producers.

    More Details
    LEWA solutions are found also in other industries, for example in the Varnish- and Lacquer industry
    LEWA solutions are found also in other industries

    Pumps and Metering Systems for Other Industries

    LEWA offers customized solutions and references for almost all industries in which processes require exact metering or the reliable conveyance of fluids. As specialists in fluid handling, we of course also have experience in areas outside of our key markets.

    More Details
    Mining industry
    Mining industry

    Pumping solutions for mining and metal and mineral processing

    From the explosives manufacturing, ore extraction and metal and mineral recovery to effluents treatment and final product finishing, our solutions have helped our clients to save energy and consumables while keeping high operational safety and low cost of ownership.

    More Details


    Methanol injection

    Methanol injection

    Use skids and packages by LEWA for methanol injection in the oil and gas industry. Ask our experts for more information!

    More Details
    Waste water oxidation

    Wet oxidation of waste water

    For wet oxidation and other processes, we recommend our tried-and-tested LEWA diaphragm pumps. Ask our experts for more information!

    More Details
    Polyethylene production


    LEWA manufactures metering pumps and metering systems for polymerization which optimally meet the necessary requirements. We are happy to help.

    More Details
    Metering of Supercritical fluids for example in the coffee production

    Extraction with supercritical fluids

    Processes with supercritical fluids in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Ask our experts for more information! 

    More Details
    H2S and CO2 injection in the Oil-and Gas Industry

    CCS carbon capture and storage

    Use LEWA process pumps for CCS (carbon capture & storage) processes and carry out the CO2 separation efficiently. We are happy to help.

    More Details
    Melamine production

    Production of melamines

    LEWA metering and process diaphragm pumps meet the specific demands for the production of melamine (trimerization of urea). Consult us!

    More Details
    Polyurethane production - Industrial foams

    Production of polyurethane

    LEWA is your reliable production process partner for conveying preliminary and intermediate products during the production of polyurethane.

    More Details
    Caprolactame production

    Metering of caprolactam

    Completely heatable process diaphragm pumps, optimized for continuous operation, are required for the production of caprolactam as a base for polyamide 6.

    More Details
    Biofuel production

    Production of biodiesel

    LEWA provides metering systems for producing biodiesel and other biofuels. Consult us!

    More Details
    Hydrocarbon condensate

    Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

    LEWA systems help you transport and dispose of hydrocarbon condensates (HCC) that arise when producing natural gas, both onshore and offshore.

    More Details
    Pharma spray drying

    Pharmaceutical spray drying

    LEWA provides accurate and efficient diaphragm metering pumps for pharmaceutical spray drying. Consult us!

    More Details
    Glycol injection

    Gas drying with glycol

    LEWA provides reliable injection pumps and systems for gas drying with glycol. Ask our experts for more information today.

    More Details

    Homogenization of milk

    With LEWA homogenization systems, producers of dairy products can achieve uniform particle size, moisture, and color, for example, in infant formula, and prevent the milk concentrate within it from creaming. 

    More Details
    Biomass to Liquid - Production of Fuels

    Production of biofuels

    Biofuels are produced using metering and process pumps from LEWA in the remote-head design. Learn more about these and other applications!

    More Details
    Coal production in the Mining Industry

    Coal refinement with remote-head metering pumps in condensing systems

    When coal is refined, it is ground as fine as dust and mixed into a suspension kept at a high temperature. LEWA metering pumps with a remote pump head are used for this.

    More Details
    Flue gas cleaning for all industry

    Flue gas cleaning by means of metering sulfur | LEWA

    When using an electrofilter for flue gas cleaning, metering sulfur improves the filtration efficiency. LEWA has the solution!

    More Details
    Gelatine production for sweets

    Production of gelatine

    In the production of gelatin and in the fabrication of gelatin products, LEWA pumps and systems are used. We would be happy to give you more information!

    More Details
    Energy independent injection for remote areas such as deserts

    Autonomous energy utilities

    Supplying energy to production plants in remote areas of application is often difficult. Ensure an autonomous fuel supply with diaphragm pumps.

    More Details
    Homogenization in Pharma processes

    High purity systems

    Pumps and high purity systems from LEWA are a tried-and-tested solution in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry. We are happy to assist with your individual high purity system.

    More Details
    Emulsifyer dilution (Mayonaise)

    Dilution of emulsifiers

    With its metering systems and diaphragm pumps, LEWA offers the right solution for recipe-compliant emulsifier dilution.

    More Details
    Omega 3 fatty acids

    Extracting omega-3 fatty acids using supercritical CO2

    LEWA offers optimum pump solutions for these processes, which perform their tasks safe, permanently reliable and efficiently

    More Details
    Production of creams

    Production of creams

    With its metering systems and diaphragm pumps, LEWA offers the right solution for recipe-compliant production of creams.

    More Details
    Hydroconversion in Refineries

    Hydroconversion in refinery processes

    With its remote-head metering pumps, LEWA offers the optimum solution for hydroconversion in refinery processes.

    More Details
    Fractionation with carbon dioxide


    LEWA pumps and systems fulllfill necessary international standards and regulations for production in regulated industries (GMP)

    More Details

    LPG fuel pumps for marine engines

    LEWA offers robust and safe high-pressure diaphragm pumps for fuel gas supply systems on ships. Ask our experts for more information!

    More Details
    Sulfuric acid injection in copper heap leaching

    Sulfuric acid injection in copper heap leaching

    LEWA process pumps are used to reinject sulfuric acid at 98% into the main pipelines that go to the heap leach sprinklers. 

    More Details


    With LEWA process diaphragm pumps, as well as the NIKKISO Non-Seal canned motor pumps we offer the optimum solution for esterification.

    More Details
    Metering Additives to fuels

    Additive dosing for fuels

    LEWA supplies both diaphragm metering pumps and process diaphragm pumps for additive dosing in fuels. We provide you with the right pump and advice for your application.

    More Details

    Metering of sulfuric acid for nickel extraction

    LEWA offers pumps for metering sulfuric acid in the extraction of nickel. Talk to our pump experts!

    More Details

    Polymerization in EVA reactors with process pumps

    Production of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) with LEWA process pumps. We provide you with the right pump and advice for your application.

    More Details


    LEWA Lösungen für die Öl- & Gasindustrie (DE)

    LEWA Lösungen für die Öl- & Gasindustrie. (DE)

    High-end Dosier- und Prozesspumpen sowie Systeme und Packages für spezifische Funktionalitäten zum Einsatz in der On- und offshore Förderung.
    4 MB | pdf | 18.10.2022

    LEWA Solutions for the oil & gas industry (EN)

    LEWA Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry. (EN)

    High-end metering and process pumps as well as systems and packages for specific functions for use in onshore and offshore production.
    4 MB | pdf | 18.10.2022


    LEWA process diaphragm pumps LEWA triplex and LEWA ecoflow for process engineering. (EN)

    LEWA process diaphragm pumps set the standard for process engineering, allowing even critical, toxic, or flammable fluids to be conveyed safely.
    4 MB | pdf | 18.02.2022


    LEWA process diaphragm pumps LEWA triplex and LEWA ecoflow for process engineering. (USA)

    LEWA process diaphragm pumps set the standard for process engineering, allowing even critical, toxic, or flammable fluids to be conveyed safely.
    4 MB | pdf | 18.02.2022


    LEWA Prozess- Membranpumpen LEWA triplex und LEWA ecoflow für die Verfahrenstechnik. (DE)

    LEWA Prozess-Membranpumpen setzen den Standard in der Verfahrenstechnik. Mit ihnen können selbst kritische, toxische oder brennbare Flüssigkeiten sicher gefördert werden.
    4 MB | pdf | 18.02.2022


    Soluciones de LEWA para la industria del petróleo y gas. (ES-SA)

    Bombas de dosificación y de proceso de alto nivel, así como sistemas y paquetes para funciones específicas para su uso en producción tanto en la tierra como en el mar.
    3 MB | pdf | 18.02.2022


    LEWA Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry. (USA)

    High-end metering and process pumps as well as systems and packages for specific functions for use in onshore and offshore production.
    4 MB | pdf | 06.11.2022


    Remote Head Konstruktionen für LEWA Pumpen

    LEWA Remote-Heads. Entkoppelung vom Verdrängersystem für mehr Sicherheit.
    1 MB | pdf | 18.02.2022


    Remote Head Designs for LEWA pumps

    LEWA remote heads. Disconnecting from the displacement system for more safety.
    1 MB | pdf | 18.02.2022



    LEWA homogenizer Testanlage.
    370 KB | pdf | 07.03.2024



    LEWA homogenizer test system
    361 KB | pdf | 07.03.2024


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